UNAM was dominated by the most retrograde; faculties were filled with conservatives: AMLO
The president affirmed that this began when the international financial organizations decided to apply the neoliberal model and began the imposition of the so-called structural reforms.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) was right before the period in which Juan Ramón de la Fuente was rector and since they began to want to collect tuition. Imagine that thought, where did it come from? Well, from neoliberal politics, ”President Andrés Manuel López Obrador cut short when holding the vision that has come from the highest house of studies since last week.

“I am absolutely sure that this is what happened throughout the neoliberal period, the faculties of social sciences were filled with conservatives, ” he said in a morning conference.

“When does all this start? When the international financial organizations decide to apply the neoliberal model and the so-called structural reforms begin to be imposed. And what do these structural reforms consist of? Basically, in privatizing everything. This started 30 or more years ago ”.

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The president said that the Educational Reform sought to privatize education and put it on the market.

“They stopped investing in public education so that private schools could grow. And I have always said it and I will continue to say it, I am not against private education, whoever has to pay a tuition can do it, it is their right, but the State is obliged to guarantee free public education, of quality, at all school levels ”, he pointed out.

In addition, he again questioned the position of the institution at the time when 60% of the national territory was handed over to mining concessions.

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“Not even in the time of Porfirio Díaz was so much territory alienated. What were they doing then in the UNAM when the country was looted? We couldn’t even go, I remember that in 2000, when I was a candidate for head of government in the city, I accompanied engineer Cárdenas and they organized a trap for us with joints, because the UNAM was dominated by the most retrograde that there was and continues to be. existing. And they get angry because I say that he turned to the right, and this was a long time ago ”, he stressed.

López Obrador also criticized the PAN Santiago Creel, who on Twitter told him that he was teaching constitutional law.

“Now that I said that they no longer gave importance to constitutional law and agrarian law and labor law, Creel came out to say that he was teaching constitutional law classes. Just imagine. Oh, nanita! What does it teach the students about article 27, if it is contrary to the spirit and the letter of article 27 of the Constitution, if they were against handing over the land to the peasants, which is what article 27 raises, If they were against the expropriation of oil, that is what article 27 proposes? Poor students, right? With all due respect, “he said.

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