This App of the Ministry of Public Works is a help for the thousands of people who will travel these days on the highways of the country.

In the midst of the traffic for the National Holidays, the Plan your Trip application acquires more importance, considering that this year there will be more transfers by roads compared to 2020.

The drops in the numbers of sick, hospitalized and dead due to the covid-19 pandemic due to the vaccination campaign have led to the relaxation of restrictions.

And this has been done through the “18 Seguro” plan, more open than the “Fondéate en Casa” a year ago.
Due to the greater freedoms of this 2021 compared to the squalid celebrations of twelve months ago, it is well worth considering the use of this app.

This platform was created by the Ministry of Public Works MOP, to improve the travel experience of motorists.
Plan your trip delivers the real times of transfer by vehicle, both departure and return to Santiago, through the main routes of our country.

The advantages of Plan your Trip

This application also accounts for all the special measures enabled on the roads during long weekends like the one to come.

From the MOP they stressed that Plan your Trip helps to say at what time to carry out the transfer, by informing about the segregation of istes and alternative roads.

Also that your data allows you to save money by informing about the days and hours of reduction of the toll values.
In Plan your trip there are also the days and times of restriction for the transit of trucks and recommendations from the authorities to have a safer and faster trip.

The application is available for iPhone (go here) and Android (go here) mobile devices.

Thousands of trips

This Thursday, September 16 – just before the holidays of Friday 17 (additional), Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 (both cannot be waived) – a large movement was reported in the bus terminals of Santiago.

In fact, weeks ago the authorities anticipated that 800 thousand people would leave the Metropolitan Region on buses these days.

To travel, you need the Mobility Pass and the health passport or C19.

In addition, the MOP calculated that about 400 thousand cars will be mobilized from the most populated area of ​​the country due to the National Holidays.

Health Benefits

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