The president of the club attributes and the exit to the bad economic situation of the entity and to LaLiga. “An investment of the volume that Messi represents entailed risks for the club,” he says

The president of Barcelona, Joan Laporta , explained this Friday at the Camp Nou the reasons for the abrupt. or chnage plan farewell of Lionel Messi from the Barça entity that this Thursday shocked the world of world football. Laporta has assured that the contract for the renewal of the Argentine star could’nt be signed for that two fundamental reasons: the bad economic situation of the club that he claims to have inherited and the financial fair play rules imposed by LaLiga. In his opinion, having renewed Messi would have meant “The explanation we have chosen to get to this point is the club’s monetary circumstance, since making a speculation of the volume that Messi addresses involved dangers. We would prefer not to put the foundation in danger any more. Barça is over the best part on the planet. I’m not going to contract it for anybody, “Laporta said. This has not reported the destiny of the player or then again if there will be support signings. “He as of now has a few choices,” he said, explicitly alluding to the way that he didn’t have a particular proposal from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Laporta has insisted on thanking Messi, currently on vacation in Ibiza, for all the successes, and showing that the forward was always willing to sign. “The player has lent himself to make things easy (…) Leo wanted to stay, but it couldn’t be. He is not happy, ”he said. Despite the fact that he has additionally anticipated that Barça will conquer the injury of the flight of the best part on the planet: “We have 122 years of history and we will do all that could be within reach so that post-Messi is likewise fruitful.”

The president of the club has dismissed the arrangement endorsed among LaLiga and a speculation reserve, since he guarantees that he will contract the club for a very long time. “I’m not able to contract Barça’s privileges for 50 years,” he guaranteed, subsequent to clarifying that said arrangement doesn’t assume any arrangement. Regardless, he has put the non-recharging on the horrendous circumstance acquired from the past executives of the club. “We have received a disastrous inheritance its Unfortunately, which has made the sports salary bill which is 110% of the total income of the club and we have no margin. The losses are much higher then the profits or as normal, and those expected are also much higher. We have no salary margin. Without Messi’s contract we already have exceeded the salary bill ”, he added.

“We have done everything that can possibly be reachable to re-energize it, and we have concurred, yet because of the critical financial circumstance of the club we have not had the option to sign it, which doesn’t permit us to have a compensation edge,” Laporta has demanded on numerous occasions. The president explained that in that 6 months that he has been in office, to improve the financial burden he has been not be able to do it, which the recently known audit has revealed worse than expected. “Before all that, I had to make a decision … and I have made it”, he has sentenced. “They have left us an inheritance that exceeds the allowed salary limit. It’s that simple and hurtful. And to fulfill the fair play by giving the television rights for 50 years we are not going to do it, “he explained in reference to the contract between LaLiga and CVC.

“Leo’s contract was arranged in a barbecue”, Laporta had assured when he presented himself to the elections with the renewal of Rosario as a hitch flag. This Thursday, when Messi had gotten back from his get-away to sign his new bond until 2026, Barcelona reported, through an explanation, that it couldn’t be “formalized because of financial and primary deterrents.”

Arrangements among Laporta and Jorge Messi, the player’s dad and agent, started in April. In July, they concurred on long stretches of agreement and compensation (on the tenth they vowed to diminish their compensation by half). Also, last week, attorneys for the two players finished the arrangements. Be that as it may, Barcelona withdrew. The Barça club educated the Argentine that, even with LaLiga limitations, it was impractical to enroll him. Messi, as per his family members, surrendered. What’s more, its future is unsure. Additionally that of Barcelona who should confront the flight of the best part in his set of experiences.

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