Drug crime in Germany has continued to increase. This emerges from the figures in the new management report from the Federal Criminal Police Office. In particular, the number of cocaine-related offenses is growing.

The number of cases of drug trafficking in Germany rose by almost two percent last year. This was announced by the President of the Federal Criminal Police Office, Holger Munch. He emphasized that criminally organized groups are still mainly active in the drug business. According to the President of the BKA, their willingness to use violence is increasing.

The trafficking in cocaine is particularly noticeable: the number of crimes rose by almost ten percent. The so-called crystal – crystalline methamphetamines – is also traded more frequently. Cannabis continues to be the most widely distributed.

According to the findings of the BKA, however, the trade in heroin is declining. The number of cases known to the police fell by almost five percent compared to 2019, while drug trafficking via the Internet has become firmly established, reports BKA President Munch. “This also includes – with these new forms of distribution – trading via messenger services, via appropriate groups that will be set up there.”

“The large number of users and the high availability of narcotics there may also appeal to groups of people who had no previous contact with drug use because they were perhaps too inhibited,” said Munch. The Darknet is the most important source of supply and online trading has grown significantly overall due to the corona pandemic. The buying and selling of drugs is increasingly taking place in the digital space. Because unlike other transport options, mail and parcel shipping are not affected by the measures against Corona.

The Find Record.

Rene Matschke can affirm that. His responsibility is to ensure the “cocaine taxis” Alexander brings in Berlin run into supply issues sometime. Matschke is top of the traditions examination office in Hamburg, Germany’s biggest port city. “The principle passage entryways for cocaine are consistently the huge ports,” Matschke tells DW.

More than 23.000 steel trailers show up at the Hamburg port each day. Matschke’s staff chooses especially dubious ones: holders that have come from South America, voyaged a particular course, been taken care of by obscure organizations. The Hamburg customs officials then screen these compartments in their rec center estimated X-beam office.

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