AFGHANISTAN – Resistance to the Taliban is being coordinated in Panchir with previous Afghan VP Amrullah Saleh and the child of the late officer Massoud, Russian unfamiliar pastor Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday (August nineteenth) , calling for talks towards a “delegate government” in Afghanistan .

“The Taliban don’t control the entirety of Afghanistan. Data is showing up on the circumstance in the Panchir valley “, north-east of Kabul,” where the obstruction powers of Vice-President Saleh and Ahmad Massoud are concentrated “, he noted during a question and answer session in Moscow.

Sergey Lavrov called once again “for a national dialogue that will allow the formation of a representative government”, stressing that Russia was already insisting on such a mechanism to end the Afghan conflict before the Taliban took control of Kabul and of most of the country.

Moscow has supported an initiative in this direction by former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and made many reassuring and even respectful comments about the Taliban.

The Lion of Panchir.

Previous VP Amrullah Saleh, as far as it matters for him, vowed not to submit to the Taliban and withdrew to the Panchir Valley.

On Monday August 16, pictures circling on informal organizations showed him with Ahmad Massoud together around here, appearing to establish the framework stone of an opposition development.

This valley, hard to get to, never fell under the control of the Taliban during the common conflict of the 1990s, nor 10 years sooner during the control of the country by the Soviets.
Ahmad Massoud’s father, Ahmed Shah Massoud, nicknamed the Lion of Panchir, had been a hero of the anti-Soviet resistance and then against the Taliban, before being killed in an attack two days before the attacks of September 11, 2001.

In a column published Wednesday by the Washington Post , Ahmad Masoud called for American support in arms and ammunition for his militia in Afghanistan in order to resist the Taliban.

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